Our Brand

Welcome to Knotium! We are a sustainable, family-owned linen fashion brand. Our passion is to create minimalist, timeless garments, made of natural materials, that are beautiful and easy to wear at the same time. 

As the world goes fast, we choose to slow down. Slow fashion has become a valid alternative that benefits both people and the planet. When it comes to garments, we truly believe that fewer is better. Our guiding principle: create high quality items from natural fabrics, designed to last longer, through sustainable production, while keeping our customers mindful about what they wear. 

Our Materials

We place great importance on using only biodegradable, natural fiber materials. Growing and manufacturing them have less of an impact on the environment as synthetic fibers and they are a healthier choice for our bodies. Additionally, they are more durable and, at the end of their longer life cycle, they are recyclable and even biodegradable. That is the reason our first collection is made exclusively of linen with cotton trimmings and accessories.

We work exclusively with linen sourced from small European producers. Flax, the plant linen fabric is produced from, is very sustainable: it requires less water to grow and to process than other plant-based fibers, and does not require fertilizers to grow. Also, our linen is  OEKO-TEX 100 certified, free from substances that may be harmful to the human body and to the environment.

All our garments ship in plastic free packaging: reusable and recyclable cardboard boxes, compostable plant-based mailing bags, paper and flax string for garment wrapping.

Timeless Designs 

At Knotium, we believe in style, not fashion. Trends come and go, but style remains true to itself for life. It is an expression of our personality, of who we are and we want that image to endure. Clothing is one way to express that. For that reason, our goal is to create pieces that you will love for many years, that’s why durability and timelessness are of utmost importance in our designs. We like to finish our pieces beautifully, with great attention to detail and with enough accessories to make them comfortable without overloading them.

We create each new piece to intentionally complete and complement the ones we already created. That way, we don't have to rush to sell previous season's items to create new ones. And much along the same lines, you don't need to replenish your entire wardrobe, just add a new item to the pieces that you already purchased from us. 

Linen gray dress with belt accessory

Ethical Production

Knotium garments are made in very small batches here, in Romania. We chose to produce our first collection this way in order to avoid waste from overproduction of models or colors that don’t sell. Our small batch pieces are produced in limited editions. Once they sell out, we will not produce them again. That means that only you and a few others will own and wear a certain model and color.

Starting with the summer of 2022, in an attempt to reduce waste even more, we are introducing made-to-order models that will be produced specifically for you based on your measurements.

Quality Craftmanship

We want our pieces to look as pretty and neat on the inside as they look on the outside. No detail is too small to be casually dismissed. That's why we use double hems and French seams to minimize exposed threads and fraying.

This makes our products more durable so you can enjoy them for many, many seasons.

Our wish is to create pieces that you will love because loved clothes last. Be true to your style – we hope Knotium will help you own it! 

We gratefully thank you for supporting our small business!